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Earth Science review task card lessons

Task card #1.
Task card #1 Question:
Explain which type of rock is being formed in this image?
Task card #2
Task Card #2 Question A:
Which type of plate boundary is being shown in this image?
Task card #2 question B:
Which type of natural event ( natural disaster) occurs due to this type of plate movement.
Task Card #3
Question: Metamorphic Rock turns into Igneous Rock through which process?
A.Compaction & Cementation
C.Melting & Solidification
B.Heat & Pressure
D.Weathering & Erosion
Task Card #4
Task card #4 question: Explain at least 3 processes of weathering that is
happening in this image.
Task Card #5
Task Card #5 Question: Which type of physical property of minerals is this scale used to
Task Card #6
The movement of rock and particles by wind, water, ice or gravity.
A. Erosion
B. Weathering
C. Deposition
Task Card #6
Task card 6 question A: Explain which natural processes help form igneous rock?
Task card 6 question B: Explain which natural processes help form Sedimentary rock?
Task card 6 question C: Explain which natural processes help form Metamorphic rock?
Task card#7
Task Card #8
Draw the different type of plate boundaries in each box. (Draw them on your worksheet).
1. Transform plate boundary
2. Convergent plate boundary
3.Divergent plate boundary.
Task card #9 “The ring of fire”.
This red area is known as “the ring of fire”.It is known for many natural events.
Task card question #9 question: What do you think occurs in this area known as the “ring
of fire”?
Task Card #10
The image above shows Earth’s structure. The inner core is estimated to be
approximately 5700 K (5430 °C or 9806 °F).
Task card #10 questions: How do you think the inner core is responsible for help moving
Earth’s plates?