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Aim 2 Louisiana Purchase Quiz

1. Thomas Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana is an example
A loose interpretation
7. Which action of President Thomas Jefferson was in
conflict with his belief in a strict interpretation of the
B strict construction
A protesting the impressement of US sailors
C judicial review
B purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France
C pardoning violators of the Alien and Sedition Acts
2. The Louisiana Purchase had great geographic
significance for the United States because it
A extended United States control over Mexico
B started the United States on westward expansion
C reduced British control of North America
3. Who was sent by Jefferson to map and survey the
Louisiana Territory?
A Dora the Explorer
B Corps of Discovery
C The Buffalo Group
4. Who won the election of 1800?
8. What was the election of 1800 a TURNING POINT?
A it marked John Adams third term as President of
the United States
B started the rise of the Republican Party and the
demise (death,end) of the Federalist Party.
C it led to the War of 1796 between Spain and
9. How much did the Louisiana Territory cost the United
States to purchase?
A 4 million
B 15 million
C 25 million
A John Adams
B Thomas Jefferson
C Aaron Burr
5. Who met Aaron Burr on the dueling grounds of
Weehawken, New Jersey?
A Alexander Hamilton
B Thomas Jefferson
C John Adams
6. In the early 1800's, the need for a water route to help
farmers ship their products to market was one reason
for the
A Louisiana Purchase
B Mexican Cession
C Gadsden Purchase
10. The elastic clause and the amending process
were included in the United States Constitution
A allow the Constitution to adjust (stretch its
powers) to changing times
B prevent states from becoming too powerful
C stop the President from arresting enemies
11. The Louisiana Purchase was obtained from
A Russia.
B France.
C Spain.
12. With the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, President
Thomas Jefferson demonstrated that he had changed
his view and now supported the necessary and proper
view of the constitution also known as
A need for protective tariffs
B loose interpretation of the Constitution
C strict interpretation of the Constitution
13. What French rulers sold the territory known as
Louisiana to the United States>
17. Which animal roamed the Great Plains (Louisiana
A Buffalo
B Pigs
C Giraffe
18. What effect did the Louisiana Purchase have on the
United States?
A It doubled the size of the nation.
A Louis XIV
B It let the United States to use the port of San
B Toussaint L'Overture
C It brought Texas into the Union.
C Napoleon Bonaparte
14. In deciding to purchase the Louisiana Territory,
President Thomas Jefferson had to overcome the
problem of
A contradicting (going against) his belief in a strict
interpretation of the Constitution
B stopping Native Americans from purchasing the
land first
C avoiding a possible war with England over the
19. Which Amendment to the Constitution states that from
1804 on, electors would vote separately for President
and Vice President?
A 2nd Amendment
B 12th Amendment
C 21st Amendment
20. President Thomas Jefferson used the elastic clause of
the Constitution when he
A purchased the Louisiana Territory
15. Which geographical advantage did the United
States gain with the Louisiana Purchase?
A more natural harbors on the Atlantic Ocean
B a Mississippi River port on the Gulf of Mexico
C access to southern ports on the Pacific Ocean
16. The Louisiana Purchase was important to the growth of
the United States because it
A doubled the size of the country
B gave the nation control of the Great Lakes
C brought California into the Union
B founded the University of Virginia
C started the Republican Party