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One sunny day,

In a beautiful garden, flowers are chatting and laughing to each other; they were Santan, Rose,
Sunflower, Sampaguita, Calachuchi, Ilang-ilang, Gumamela, and Daisy. They were talking about the
special day that the fairies will choose the most beautiful flower in the garden. As usual they were
thinking that Ross might be pick again for this year
Rose is the most famous among the flowers in the garden because of her beauty and grace. Also She's
friendly and kind. Most of the flowers admire her but Sunflower is not amaze by her charisma.
Sunflower always wanted to be the most beautiful flower every year and she will do everything for
fame so she started to think of a wicked plan to destory Rose's popularity.
"Rose is just using you! Do you think she will treat you like a real friend? No, because you guys are just
psthetic admirers and no one of you will ever be like her! Forever! " Sunflower says to everyone in the
Most flowers believed it, and little by little Rose's friends left and became sunflower's friends. Rose was
so sad and lonely as her friends got easily tricked by short and fake statement. . She look at her friends
and started to cry, her leaves started to fall and her bright color started to fade while everyone is
looking sunflower felt bad of what she did. . Itis true that she is happy to be the most popular flower
now but she hurt someone Just to get all the fame that she wanted all her life. . So she decided to tell
the truth infront of everyone. And apologized for what she did. Rose accepted her Apologies and they
started to become friends. Roses bright color came back to life .
The fairies were very happy to what happened as the two flowers became friends. And because of this
thEy give them the title as the most beautiful flower in the garden
"You don't need to trick anyone or say bad thing behind someone back just to get what u want.and if
you know that you are wrong , admit it and apologize. everyone will understand it because we are
family in this garden and not enemies. " sunflower stated for herself to remember.
The End!