Teacher: S. Wurts
Grade and School: Richland 1st
Discipline Area(s): math science social science language arts arts
Project Title: Sunflowers
Project Goal(s): Introduction to flower/seed development
Process and Steps:
1. Directed art lesson on using new and previously introduced skills to paint the
1. Add real sunflower seeds for the center of the flower.
1. Glue dirt in the dirt part of the pot the flower is in.
Materials Needed: tempera (yellow, green, blue) and brushes, 9 x 12 brown paper,
sunflower seeds, glue and dirt (sand from sand box)
Essential Questions:
1 What skills, elements, vocabulary were taught?
Follow directions, overlapping, shapes, sequence, observation, positional words, improve
painting techniqes
2. How did you assess the children’s understanding?
Talking to them and asking questions as we work, looking at finished project
3. Where could you go from here?
Move into the science part of the unit - starting with "where do seeds come from"?
4. Other comments: