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Video Production Creative Brief
1. Project background & objectives
What specific outcome are you hoping to achieve, focusing on changes in behavior which can
be measured.
2. Target audience
It’s best to focus on one primary audience per video, although it’s okay to have a secondary or
tertiary audience in some cases.
3. Key message(s)
Stated from the perspective of those we’re trying to influence. Answer the question “what’s in it
for me?”. A clear description will help your message not only be understood but acted upon.
4. How and where the video will be distributed
Eg. on a specific landing page, on Facebook or Instagram, etc.
5. Tone of voice
Light-hearted or serious? Friendly or professional? Include links to any similar videos.
6. Mandatory elements
Any non-negotiables, such as a logo, tagline, or signature sound.
7. Timeline
Is there a specific deadline? How many rounds of revisions and approvals will be necessary?
8. Budget
9. Approval process
Consider any planned vacations of any key stakeholders which could hold up the process.