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Writing Draft- Maryam Taha

Topic: Why is the UAE a Great Nation?
Greatness is not something that can be gained easily, especially
for countries. The greatness of a country is determined by its
history and origin. The UAE’s history makes it a good example
of a great country. Through the UAE’s history, there is a series
of challenges and obstacles that have Faced it and a lot of things
that was powerful enough to prevent it from union and joining.
But despite all these circumstances, the UAE have achieved the
federation and became a strong independent country. Also, the
UAE had built itself from the zero point till it became one of the
most developed countries that people come to from all over the
world, and all of this in a short, brief time.
The UAE’s history was a challenge-filled history. Long ago, the
UAE was colonized by the Portuguese, which limited its ability
to develop and many spirits were gone trying to defend
themselves and their country from this colonialism, not a long
time after the Portuguese colonialism was gone that the British
colonialism were taking part. All these things prevented the
UAE from doing a federation and became an independent
country, also it made a lot of harm and damage to it. But despite
all these things, the idea of federation was stuck in the UAE’s
leaders’ minds.
The life of our ancient grandparents weren’t easy, under all
these difficult circumstances there were no jobs to work in
except for a few crafts like pearl diving, sewing, and making
simple boats for fishing. But they were always in the backs of
their leaders and always supported them in all decisions.
Every year we celebrate the year of federation of the UAE,
which was not a long time ago. Although the UAE is considered
one of the most new or modern countries, it has built itself from
the zero point till it became one of the most advanced and
developed countries around the world, and tourists visit it from
all around the world. And all that in a very short time.