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Build a Flower

Build a Flower
Your flower should have:
1 stigma, 1 pistil, and 1 ovary
2 stamen with yellow anthers
4 or more petals (color)
2 sepals (green)
Plus: (not pictured)
1 stem (green)
2 leaves (green)
3 or more roots
Jobs to share: Decide who will work on each job.
Everything should be attached to the stem (TP roll)
Decide which parts will be out of construction paper (petals, sepals, and leaves),
then drawing and cutting out those parts.
Who is doing this? _____________
Making parts out of pipe cleaners (pistil, stamen, roots?)
Who is doing this? _____________
Or making parts out of straws (pistil, stamen?)—
Who is doing this? _____________
Attaching beads for anthers, ovary, and stigma (easy to attach to pipe cleaners)—
Who is doing this? _____________
Making 9 labels and attaching them to the flower parts—
Who is doing this? __________