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Genre Science Fiction

Genre: Science Fiction
He watched the way the stars reflected off the water and hoped whatever it was that had been
bubbling just below the surface of the lake would show itself now that the sun was down. He
had heard rumors in town of ghosts and monsters and UFOs all around the county, but he
assumed it was something they told the summer people to play a joke on them or to build up the
reputation of the town. He had known that for the last three summers his family had come here.
When he was little, little he had believed them, but now he was too old and had noticed their
smirks and didn’t believe at all. That was until he had seen the bubbles. He was pretty sure
fish didn’t make bubbles and whatever had made them had not come to the surface. He wasn’t
a scientist, but he knew this; only something that takes in oxygen, a good old air breather, could
make ones that big, and it would eventually have to come to the surface or at least move
When it did, it would take a picture and go viral. Then they would start to listen.