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Clinical thermometer

Clinical thermometer is used for measuring the
temperature of human. It is marked in degree
Centigrade or degree Fahrenheit.
The temperature of a healthy human body is
approximately 98.6°F. To measure the temperature a
person has to hold the tip of the thermometer either
under the armpit or in the mouth under his tongue for a
minute. Then we observe the number against the point at
which the mercury column stop rising further indicates
the body temperature of the person.
1. A human body suffering from fever has body
temperature above 98.6°F.
2. A human body does not have temperature below 94°F
or 34.4°C and above 108°F or 42.2°C.
3. A grown up person never has temperature above
105°F or 40.5°C and a child never has a temperature
above 107°F or 41.6°C.
4. During the day time, the normal body temperature
rises by 1.8°F or 1°C.
5. The temperature is lowest in the morning and highest
in the afternoon.