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Name: ________________________________
Date: _____________
Advanced Book Report _______ Points
Directions: Write an analytical response to each direction given below on a separate sheet.
1. Book title- ______________________________
Copyright date- _____________
Author- ________________________
Number of pages- ___________
2. Describe the setting of the story.
3. Summary of the plot.
4. Who is a protagonist (Main Character)? Describe that character.
5. Who is an antagonist (Opposes main character)? Describe that character.
6. What are the major and minor conflicts within the story?
Major Conflict-________________________________________________________________
Minor Conflict- ________________________________________________________________
7. What is the turning point or climax of the story?
8. Write a memorable (quote/ citation / line) from the story and explain it.
9. What is a motif that runs throughout the story?
10. What is the theme or message from the story?
11. How does the story end? Would you recommend this book to another reader? Why or
why not?
12. List five difficult words from the reading and define them.
A. ____________________- ______________________________________________________
B. ____________________- ______________________________________________________
C. ____________________- ______________________________________________________
D. ____________________- ______________________________________________________
E. ____________________- ______________________________________________________