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Coaching Principles of Video

Principles of Video
This document will aid a Coach in determining the structure and topics to cover during a coaching session based
on the Coachee’s prior Instructor Led Training. Below you will find a list of topics covered in this ILT course, an
example set of questions to ask while interviewing the coachee, some informational resource suggestions, and
an area for keeping notes during the initial interview.
In Principles of Video, attendees were instructed on the following topics:
The different video formats
Signal types and the difference between analog and digital along with system signal flow
Video color space: RGB vs. YUV vs. Y-PbPr
The use of SMPTE color bars to properly setup video monitors
Differences between single and 3-chip cameras as well as CMOS vs. CCD
Proper studio style camera setup: Tripods and their parts, monitors, lensing, lens controls, CCU setup,
Proper lens setup: Back focus, extenders, connections, angle of view, depth of field (f-stop)
Camera controls & connections: Menus, gain, white & black balance, filters, shutter... Triax, SDI...
Shot framing and the rule of thirds
Lighting: Color temperature & three point lighting
Waveform monitor (general information)
Switching and routing
System design basics
Use the coachee’s answers to the questions below
to determine scope and structure of the coaching
session (duration, equipment, location). The following
questions are suggested to facilitate a discussion on
their needs for the session. Coaches can and should
ask additional questions they feel are relevant to
establish the scope of the coaching session and it’s
PSAV University
@PSAV Product Management video pages
@PSAV Event Recording page
Manufacturer Websites (AJA, Panasonic, Sony,
Questions to Ask:
What did you learn during the training session?
Before going to this training what was your prior
knowledge in video production and cameras?
Did this prior knowledge conflict with what you
learned in the training session or have experienced while working at your location?
From the training you took, what do you remember about the particular topic that you would like
coaching on?
What do you think is missing in your knowledge
of the topic? What concepts are you still unclear
This is by no means an exhaustive list and the coach is encouraged to
provide additional resources as they see fit to do.
“A Coach is someone who can give correction without resentment.” ― Coach John Wooden