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Khalil R

August 5th 2019
Re: Temporary Protective Order
Case# DADA026176
Dear Honorable Judge
Please reconsider the above Temporary Protective Order against Iye Koroma (also
known as Ashanti Davis). I assure you I’m no threat and do not wish to cause Ms. Koroma
any harm. I vacated our residence in Ankeny, Iowa on June 24th 2019. I left due to the
constant arguments between Ms. Koroma and myself. The Ankeny Police Dept. was called
several times by Ms. Koroma and each time, no wrong doing was found. I am now living
and working in North Carolina. I am currently participating in an online Parenting class
and I plan to attend the Community College in the Fall.
The above Order request my appearance in court on August 19th 2019. Due to my
recent employment and financial issues I am begging the Courts for a dismissal or to
reschedule the hearing to a later date. If you can reschedule the hearing, I will be able to
come to Iowa during anytime in October.
Please also review the attached phone calls to my phone from Ms. Koroma’s phone.
Enclosed is a picture of bite marks on my chest from Ms. Koroma. As you will see she is
retaliating against me because I decided to end the relationship. I have been in contact with
an Attorney in Iowa and plan to file for joint custody of our 3-month-old daughter. Again,
I am no threat to Ms. Koroma and reside over 1,000 miles away from Ankeny.
Khalil R. Lawrence
Khalil R Lawrence