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COCID 19 video presentation

For everyone in the team I think it’s good to be aware of Scientific data I have researched, and it has
all been data that is peer reviewed not from news sites or social media.
The data shows most reports are agreeing that it takes 5 days on average before testing positive or
showing signs of infection.
A new study from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
calculates from that the median incubation period for COVID-19 is just over 5 days and that 97.5% of
people who develop symptoms will do so within 11.5 days of infection.
Another study from China Using data from 181 publicly reported, confirmed cases in China with
identifiable exposure, in other words they knew where they contracted it.
This modelling study estimated that symptoms would develop in 2.5 percent of infected
individuals within 2.2 days
This 2.5 percent developed severe symptoms.
And symptoms would develop in 97.5 percent of infected individuals within 11.5 days
The median incubation period in this study was 5.1 days.
So, the viral load would on average be 5 days before shedding began.
Also important in these studies is people who are asymptomatic or very mild cases
were only 55 per cent as contagious as people with identified symptoms.
What does that mean in social media terms?
It means that People who are carriers that show no known symptoms or mild symptoms
Are 55 percent less likely to infect others
And are infectious for a shorter period.
It means that those people who show classic symptoms normally do so quicker.
They are more infectious
They are infectious for a longer period.
The best way to explain the viral load is In general with respiratory viruses, the outcome of infection
– whether you get severely ill or only get a mild cold – can sometimes be determined by how much
virus actually got into your body and started the infection off. It’s all about the size of the armies on
each side of the battle, a very large virus army is difficult for our immune systems army to fight off.
So, in conclusion the 14-day period of isolation will lessen your exposure. If you do have it and show
mild symptoms you are less likely to infect others, THOSE WITH THE CLASSIC SYMPTOMS
So will leave you with the classic symptoms