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Notice to terminate tenancy agreement

Notice to terminate tenancy agreement.
House No 1 off warthog way Kabulonga Lusaka.
With reference to the above we Mr/Mrs Anthony and Changu Ngandwe would like to give notice
and reasons for the termination of our contract with you, following the breach of the same
(agreement) a number of times now. From the beginning we experienced late payment of rentals
leading to the final breach recently on 15th March 2020. We have decided to act as we kept receiving
endless stories but to no avail.
Secondly the failure to keep the gardens well maintained; you were made aware when we noticed
the change in the garden, but you took no action resulting in drying out of plants and that developed
unhealthy relationship between us.
We would like that you start buying fixing and painting materials as per contract and the plants
damaged. At the beginning of the contract we requested you to make available of your ID which you
have not up to date even after several reminders were made, as such we have considered the
situation to be a slightly risky as you do not value our property to pay contract costs at hand.
since you have only a few properties in the house you will only move them once works are done.
All water bills should be paid in full and receipts handed to us. Paint works should be done a week
before in case there is need to fix any damages made.
Please purchase paint and show us before you start painting as stated in the contract, as you did
with the previous tenant that brought you the soils. They gave us both the copies of receipts for the
We wish you all the best in your endvours.
Anthony & Changu Ngandwe