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Individual Case Preparation
Short Cycle Process (15 min)
• Read opening and ending
• Who? What? Why?
When? How?
• Quick look at exhibits
(summarize each in 1 sentence)
• Quick review of subtitles
• Skim case body
• Read assignment
Long Cycle Process (90 min)
• Re-skim the case
• Apply the case solving
Define issue
Analyze case data
Generate Alternatives
Select decision criteria
Analyze evaluate alternatives
Select alternative
Develop implementation plan
Long Cycle Process - 1
• Defining Issue
– Key concerns and problems in the case
– Urgency and importance of these issues
– Place yourself in place of the main decision maker
• Analyze Case Data
– Diamond E Framework
• Environment, Strategy, Resources, Organization, Management Preferences
– SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter Five Forces, Strategy Triangle, etc.
• Generate Alternatives
– Think creatively and widely
Long Cycle Process - 2
• Decision Criteria
– Determine both qualitative and quantitative criteria (profit, growth,
customer satisfaction, strategic fit, etc.)
• Evaluating Alternatives
– Construct decision matrix with alternatives and criteria
• Select Alternative
– Based on criteria stated above
• Develop Implementation Plan
– Be specific and answer who, what, when, where and how
– Is there information required that is missing? What assumptions are you
– Concentrate on operational specificity