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Cover letter

San Josef Norte, Cabanatuan
Pangandian Consultation Service
Kapt. Pepe Subdivision, Cabanatuan City
Madam Flor Pangandian
I am Christian Kenneth F. Aspiras, an incoming sophomore student of PHINMA- Araullo University,
and a Certified Bookkeeper with a National Certificate III from TESDA is humbly asking if your consultation
firm has a vacant part-time position which fits my skills and qualification in order gain enough experience
and support my tertiary education.
As an analytic and dynamic individual, I believe that I would be able to share and impact
considerably the ongoing operational success of your business institution. And likewise, I believe that this
opportunity will further enhance me as an individual and as a professional who still lacks of workplace
experience. I might be lacking with experience but I am an eager and willing learner who can adjust and
work under pressure in the working environment.
I am able to communicate effectively in verbal or written contexts and combing that skill with the
functional knowledge that I have and will have throughout the process will deliver a satisfactory outcome
while working alone or as part of a larger group.
Also my class schedule will not be a very big problem for I have a 6 hours vacant everyday and I have
no classes during Fridays and Saturdays.
Attached to this letter is my resume which further discusses my academic background, skills and
affiliation and I would be thankful for the opportunity to meet you and discusses my application.
Christian Kenneth F. Aspiras