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Food Log(1)

Basic Nutrition
Food Log
Purpose: To become more aware of what, how and when you eat.
DUE – _________ Awareness is the first step in making healthy changes.
1. Choose 2 food tracking apps (examples: Vitabot, MyFitnessPal, My
Diet Coach, MyPlate, Calorie Counter, etc… )
2. Choose 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day to log your food intake on
each of the apps (Week 1 on the first app; week 2 on the second app)
3. Take screenshots of each day’s entries from each app
4. Evaluate your records to see if there are any changes or
improvements in your eating habits that you think you need to make
5. Compare the two apps — Pros and Cons
6. Compile a report which should include the following:
a. The screen shots of each day you tracked (there should be at
least 6 screen shots)
b. A paragraph on your personal evaluation of your food intake
c. Your comparison of the two apps — Pros and Cons
d. A line or two stating which app you would recommend to a
friend and why
7. Submit your report via Blackboard before midnight on the due date.