Final… Final Paper Outline: 1. Title page

Final… Final Paper Outline:
1. Title page
2. Table of Contents- 1 page
3. Introduction (7-10 pages total)
 Topic of Interest and Background information- 2 pages
a. Significance of the problem.
b. Why you are interested in the topic.
c. What you would like to learn.
d. What you would like to achieve with this project.
 Statement of problem and research approach- 2-3 pages
a. Describe the problems and issues that you are researching
b. Describe how you will gather data/information, and if you use a test instrument,
how and why you use it to gather the data
c. Describe what you expect to find or solve and what you would like to contribute
to the existing knowledge base
4. Literature review—validation (Citation of published research studies, books, and experts,
including dissertations)- 3-5 pages
a. Define what is already known about your topic and what needs further
b. Put things in perspective.
c. Find out more about research methods, techniques, and instruments (optional)
d. Define all major theories and concepts that have been published and decide how
well previous studies were developed.
e. Justify your own research/study. Validate your recommended changes and
5. Methodology
 Describe the method(s) of your research
 Participants
 Materials/Instruments
 Design
 Procedure
 Test instrument (if applicable)
 Describe and summarize your findings after you have completed your research
a. Descriptive and Inferential statistics results for quantitative research (if applicable)
b. Themes and Support from qualitative research
 Include charts and graphs where appropriate
 Lessons learned…what does it all mean
 Best practices or recommended changes
 Next steps…future research, application of findings
 How will your research and findings help you in your future career?
8. References
9. Appendices
 Specifics of the organization chosen
 Copy of instrument(s) and survey questions