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cellular respiration

Cellular Respiration
No taxation without respiration!
Cellular Respiration. What is it???
• The process by which organisms break down molecules like glucose,
release the energy, and store it in ATP.
• All living things must be able to store energy.
• Three types of cell respiration
• Anaerobic (no oxygen)
• Aerobic (uses oxygen)
• Most organisms do this one.
• Fermentation (when you’re low on oxygen)
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• Occurs in the cytosol
• Breaks down glucose (sugar)
and creates pyruvate acids
• Makes 2 energy molecules, or
• Makes 2 NaDH (two
nucleotides with a phosphate)
• Does NOT require oxygen
Krebs Cycle
• Occurs in the mitochondria
• Breaks down pyruvate and creates citric acid
• Makes 2 ATP
• Makes NaDH and FaDH2 (energy carrying substrate)
• Makes CO2 which is a waste product
Electron Transport Chain
• Occurs in the mitochondria
• Uses NaDH and FaDH2
• Makes approximately 30 ATP
• Requires oxygen as the final electron acceptor.
• Oxygen strips the hydrogen off.
This is used when oxygen is not available
• Lactic acid fermentation
Happens in the cytosol
Creates 2 ATP
Lactic acid is a waste product
Humans can do this
• This is what is happening when your
muscles burn after running or
• Alcoholic fermentation
• Happens in the cytosol
• Creates 2 ATP
• Alcohol and CO2 are waste
• Yeast and bacteria do this.
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