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Cell Organelle Power Point Presentation

Cell Organelle Power Point Presentation
You will be assigned 1 or 2 of the cell organelles/parts in section 7.2 (pg. 196). You
will create a power point presentation on those cell organelles which you present
to the class and combine into a document that all students will have as notes for
this section. For that reason, it is important that you show respect for your fellow
classmates and thoroughly complete this project.
Please use google slides for this project only.
 Name of Organelle
o Must be a large title and at the top of the slide
o Your name should be right under it and small
 Structure of Organelle
o What is the shape of your organelle?
o What does it look like
 Function of Organelle
o What does the organelle do for the cell?
 Comparison to the “real world”
o How does the function of the cell compare a similar situation?
 Could be but not limited to factory, school, sports team
 Type of cell organelle is found in
o Prokaryotic/Eukaryotic
 Plant/Animal