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People description

Adult: A person who has finished growing and is no longer a child. (noun)
Adopt: To legally take someone else’s child to become your own child. (verb)
Aunt: The sister of your father of mother, or the wife of your uncle. (noun)
Baby: A very young child who is not yet able to speak or walk. (noun)
Bachelor: A man who has never been married. (noun)
Bachelorette: A woman who has never been married. (noun)
Boy: A male child or a young male person. (noun)
Brother: A boy or man who has the same parents as you. (noun)
Born: To come out of your mother’s body and to start to exist. (verb)
Birth: The time when a baby comes out of its mother’s body. (noun)
Birthday: The day each year which is the same date as the one on which you were
born. (noun)
Bride: A woman on her wedding day. (noun)
Bridegroom: A man on his wedding day. (noun)
Bring up: To look after a child and teach him or her how to behave, etc. (verb)
Child (plural: children): A young person who is below the age of puberty or below the legal
age of maturity. (noun)
Couple: Two people who are married or having a romantic relationship. (noun)
Cousin: The child of your uncle or aunt. (noun)
Daddy: A child’s word for a father (also dad). (noun)
Daughter: Someone’s female child. (noun)
Daughter-in-law: The wife of your son/child. (noun)
Delivery: The process of giving birth. (noun)
Descendant: Someone who is related by blood to a person who lived a long time ago. (noun)
Divorce: To legally end a marriage. (verb)
Divorced: To be no longer married to your wife or husband. (adjective)
Elder: To be born first. (adjective)
Engagement: An agreement between two people to marry in the near future. (noun)
Engaged: Having agreed to marry somebody. (adjective)
Family: A group of people who are related by blood or marriage. (noun)
Family tree: A drawing that shows the names of all family members over generations and how
they are related to each other. (noun)
Father: A male parent. (noun)
Father-in-law: The father of your husband or wife. (noun)
Female: Relating to women or girls. (adjective)
Fiancé: The man to whom a woman is engaged. (noun)
Fiancée: The woman to whom a man is engaged. (noun)
Foster: To take care of someone else’s child for a period of time but without becoming the
legal guardian of the child. (verb)
Girl: A female child or a young female person. (noun)
Give birth: To produce a baby from your body. (verb)
Godchild: A child who has godparents. (noun)