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2.1 Negotiation - Additional Notes.pdf

Additional Notes
Get Everything In Writing (Email Is Fine)
- This way you can always use it when you need it.
o For example, a sales rep promises you a price/feature/delivery
date but then later claims they never said it.
Reputation Is Key
- Don’t be brutal with a client and expect to get repeat business. Also
don’t be a pushover, because then clients will walk all over you in the
- Don’t be afraid to be brutal if you wont be doing another deal with
o For example, a local car dealership.
- If you need to be hard and keep the relationship, have someone else
do it so you can keep your relationship. (This seems bad but it is not)
Silence Is Golden
- Just keep asking why and taking notes (or pretending to take notes).
They will walk themselves right into a corner and run out of reasons
why they don’t need you.
o “Why don’t you need it?”
o “Why is that what you think?”
Always Have A “Straw Man”
- This often sweetens the deal because they want to close, and it gives
you time to actually run the numbers without pressure.
o “I have to ask my wife”
o “I have to work the numbers”
Find Out What Matters To Them
- Prior to entering the negotiation, ask people who have dealt with the
client before and find out what matter to them.
o For example, when negotiating salary, if they hate when their
employees take their full vacation time just to get away, say
that vacation time isn’t important to you and you aren’t
planning on using all of your vacation time.
- Ask if something is non-negotiable
Always Find Alternatives
- Always have a few backups, or points of reference, before negotiating
with you preferred client
o You can use these as leverage when in negotiations with
preferred client
Build The Bridges
- When first starting negotiations, find as many places that you agree on
o This builds trust, rapport, and gets the “yes’s” flowing
Never Open With What’s Most Important To You
- Rookie negotiators always open with what’s most important to them
and veteran negotiators know this!
Set Things Aside
- You can always bring these things back in
o “That’s great but lets set that aside for right now”
o “That might work but lets move on to …”