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Business Email Homework Assignment

Business Email
Thank-You Email:
In this section, you will craft a “thank-you” email to a customer showing your
appreciation for their time and support.
Please use the following information for your thank-you email:
Customer’s Name: Ms. Sorrento
Reason for the thank-you note: Thanking them for speaking with you and that you will
send them additional information and/or materials regarding your phone discussion and
a proposal.
Additionally, mention that you hope the customer is happy with his or her purchase and
that you are available if he or she has any questions or concerns. Remember to ask the
customer if there is anything you can do to increase his or her satisfaction.
Ensure you utilize the proper salutation, introduction, body and closing. Your signature
line will also be required. A signature line includes the employee’s name, function,
phone number and work URL (website).