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Nothing to see here. Move along.Take your seat". So these two and the rest of us were free to go and exit. As we
approached, we saw members of the Chinese we're not too sure what species they were, and it appeared they were
monitoring us from our kind of side. We were then told to remain on the platform while a boss led us in to the HQ. When he
was done, he made our mission clear: do not get on the subway or the bus until I arrive. I should be coming back, not to be
here. That is the order he gave us.
We were pretty shook up by this, but it made us sit down and collect our thoughts. One person claimed we were tortured by
the police, that the plane of his parents was searched, that he was beaten and dragged off. More than a thousand people are
claiming police brutality, and there are a lot of allegations coming out. This can't have anything to do with the result."
Villagers did not see a body. He was found missing from a villa.
The body was traced to the North Korean military, according to WHO. The government has not denied the report.
"The North Korean Embassy in Italy did confirm the identity of the deceased this afternoon," said embassy spokesperson
Robert Emerson. "The embassy has no other comment on this matter at this time."
The UN asked for a declaration of neutrality by foreign diplomats in an emergency meeting this morning following the
dramatic incident in Sydney, which saw a gunman fire a round into a crowd at a popular music festival.
Minister for Mental Health John Day has conceded that the WA Government is unable to provide an immediate response to
the fatal shooting.
"There was a murder in a small town, which has shocked the nation, and it's happened in the heart of the inner city," he said.
"We've got a number of areas which are at risk of shooting incidents, which we will help with, but we can't provide a quick
response in response."
Mr Day said the purpose of the meeting would be to create a "case plan" on how to respond to similar incidents.