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Hats script

SONG 1- Let’s Party
Milliner Milo (Nischal):
By now you must have guessed what our show is all about.
We might as well just tell you, so there isn’t any doubt.
It’s about hats!
Uncle Sam (Carson):
My hat should tell you who I am, and who I am is Uncle Sam!
Milliner Miller (Aiden):
We’re from the Milliner family as you can see.
Milliners design, create, and sell hats, so we’re as happy as can be!
There are many kinds of hats, of every shape and size.
And underneath each one of them is a very special prize.
Statue of Liberty (Isabelle):
Tired, poor, or new in town,
You’ll know me by my regal crown!
Uncle Sam (Carson):
My hat should tell you who I am, and who I am is Uncle Sam!
Statue of Liberty (Isabelle):
Uh, yeah, we got it.
Milliner Marcie (Melissa):
Oh no! Ima Milliner doesn’t have a hat! What’s the matter with you?
Milliner Mack (Mazen):
Ima Milliner doesn’t have a hat! What is she to do?
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
Don’t worry about me; my hat is being made and it will be the best.
I’m going to have a hat that is better than all the rest!
Milliner Millie (Sara):
What kind of hat are you making, Ima? What kind of hat will it be?
When will it be finished, so that we can all see?
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
Milliners, our job is to make hats, after all.
I promise it will be finished before the curtain call!
Napoleon Bonaparte (Hamza): Napoleon Bonaparte here! I was the Emperor of France.
I think you’ll like me if you just give me a chance!
Even though I’m short, I always gave my all.
Then I got a hat to make myself quite tall!
Abe Lincoln (Francisco):
Abraham Lincoln here! If the White House is the house you are at,
Why not wear a nice stovepipe hat?
Queen Elizabeth (Lisa):
I am Queen Elizabeth. I’ve got the finest hat you’ve ever seen.
Why not wear one fit for a Royal Queen?
Daniel Boone (Bryan):
I’m Daniel Boone. I’m an American pioneer and explorer, and quite famous for my hat.
If you’re on your way to Cumberland Gap, you’ll want to wear a raccoon cap!
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
Thank you for your suggestions, but I have something else in mind.
Mine will be the finest hat that you will ever find!
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
Wait a minute everyone! I, too, don’t have a hat!
Milliner Milo (Nischal):
Well, that’s no good. We’ll have to do something smart about that.
Milliner Miller (Aiden):
What kind of hat would you like, my friend? You see, there are plenty to choose.
Pick the one that suits you best. There’s no way you can lose!
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
I just don’t know where to start. They all look mighty fine.
Cook Talking Group:
What don’t you try something practical and get a hat like mine?
(Celeste & Sophia)
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
Your hat is very nice, indeed! It has a very nice look.
Cook Talking Group:
It’s the perfect hat to wear, if you want to be a cook!
(Celeste & Sophia)
Policeman Talking Group:
(Lucas, Luis, & Gabriel)
If you wear a hat like mine, you can make the traffic stop.
It’s lots and lots and lots of fun to be a traffic cop!
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
A cook ? A police officer? Hmmm. What shall I be?
Will I ever find the perfect hat for me?
Milliner Mavis (Rohxianah):
To pick the hat to suit the job, you’ve got to use your thinkamabob!
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
My thinkamabob?
Milliner Marcie (Melissa):
Yes, now dry those tears. Your thinkamabob is between your ears!
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
With all the hats to choose from, it’s so hard to decide.
Just follow this advice and find a hat to wear with pride.
SONG 2: The Perfect Hat for Me
Milliner Mavis (Rohxianah):
Ima, is a policeman’s hat the kind you are going to make?
Milliner Mack (Mazen):
Hatless Henrietta, is that the kind of hat you want?
Or do you want to cook and bake?
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
Cooking is fun, but I can see, that a baker’s hat is just not for me!
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
No, although each one of those hats looks mighty fine,
None can hold a candle to the brand new hat of mine.
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
I would wear most any hat as a last resort,
But I think I’d rather have a hat from my very favorite sport.
Umpire Talking Group:
Did somebody say sports? Football? Baseball? Hockey? Tennis?
We’ll meet you on the courts!
(Edgar, Javon, David)
SONG 3- Keep Your Head in the Game
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
Well that was great, it’s clear to see, a baseball cap is right for me!
Milliner Marshall (Jack):
But Ima, you still have no hat! Something’s terribly wrong with that!
Milliner Maria (Brie):
She doesn’t have a hat, it’s true. Does a baseball cap seem right for you?
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
No, a baseball cap is not for me. You’ll all just have to wait and see.
Uncle Sam (Carson):
My hat should tell you who I am, and who I am is Uncle Sam!
Milliner Marshall (Jack):
But who is Uncle Sam, what does that mean?
Your hat is the reddest, whitest, and blue-est that I’ve ever seen!
Uncle Sam (Carson):
I am a symbol of the United States!
Freedom, equality, justice, and everything that makes our country great!
Milliner Maria (Brie):
Oh, I remember! Your famous face was everywhere!
Why, there’s even a poster over there!
Uncle Sam (Carson):
Exactly! Ok, so now that THAT is clear, for the USA, let’s give a cheer!
My hat is all red, white, and blue. America, I’m saying, “I need you!”
SONG 4: Uncle Sam
Milliner Maria (Brie):
Uncle Sam, I have to say, that’s the best hat that I have seen today!
I might get one to wear for Independence Day!
Napolean Bonaparte (Hamza):
That hat is silly, just look at mine!
It has two corners, and is ever so fine!
Milliner Michael (Ryan):
If two corners are great, wouldn’t three be better?
Maybe you could even add a feather!
George Washington (Kevin):
George Washington here, and yes, I have to agree.
A three cornered hat is as nice as can be!
John Adams (Cole):
The first five presidents of our great country wore this very hat!
I’m John Adams, so I know something about that!
Milliner Michael (Ryan):
You could make your own- all you need is paper, scissors, and tape.
They are easy as can be to make!
George and John (Kevin & Cole):
Let’s stop our chat!
Instead, let’s sing a song,
To honor our tricorn hat!
SONG 5- My Hat Has Three Corners
Milliner Mary (Kate):
Your hat is as nice as it can get, but folksYou ain’t seen nothing yet!
Milliner Michael (Ryan):
Make a path! Come on, clear the mat!
Here comes Ima with her brand new hat!
Milliner Millie (Sara):
Oh my goodness, look at that!
Where did you get that magnificent hat?
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
I won it on my favorite TV show…..Who Want To Be a Milliner!!
Millliner Mario (Zohaib):
Well that’s the greatest hat by far.
Ima Milliner, you’re the star!
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
Thank you all for being so kind.
But now, I have something else on my mind.
What’s that? What is it, Ima?
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
The truth is, I love my brand new hat.
But I’ve learned something new about this and that.
It’s not that hat that makes the kid,
But what lies underneath that lid.
Milliner Mary (Kate):
I hear what you’re saying and I know it’s true.
A hat is a hat, but it’s not really you!
Milliner Michael (Ryan):
Your hat might be a great work of art,
But what counts is what’s in your head and your heart.
Millner Millie (Sara):
Wear your hat with plenty of pride,
But remember what matters is what’s inside.
Milliner Mario (Zohaib):
Remember to always do your part,
For under that that hat is a head and a heart!
SONG 6: My Head, My Heart
Milliner Talking Group:
(Mimichelle & Paula)
This has all been so much fun,
And now it’s time for us to run.
We’ve enjoyed this a ton,
But our show is almost done.
Milliner Mallory (Stefany):
But now before we all depart,
We’d like to say with all our heart……
Milliner Mary (Kate):
Whenever your day feels a little flat,
You don’t know your this from your there or your that….
Milliner Mario (Zohaib):
You’re wondering where your mind is at,
Or maybe you’ve had a bit of a spat….
Milliner Mallory:
Perhaps you’ve just struck out at bat,
Or maybe you even saw a scary rat!!
Milliner Mary (Kate):
You lost your dog; you can’t find your cat;
Your whole afternoon just went kersplatt….
Hatless Henrietta (Nadia):
Don’t get down! Forget about that!
Ima Milliner (Shannon):
Go get yourself…..
A brand new hat!
SONG 7: Reprise- Let’s party