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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,
The debate about gun rights is in reality a very simple one that comes down to one
question: Do guns create or stop violence? Many of you might immediately think about
the lethality and power a gun has, and these qualities are what make it a perfect
instrument to protect YOU. Violence is NOT caused by guns, it is caused by people.
Even if guns did not exist, do you think this would rule out violent crimes. Because it
won’t. Bad people will always find ways to do harm, and guns are what we, the people
need to defend ourselves. As it has been said before, the only way to stop a bad guy
with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And the undeniable facts support it. Six thousand
eight hundred and forty-nine times a day, crime is stopped with a gun, most of the time
not even shedding a drop of blood. In England, where it is almost impossible to protect
yourself with a gun, 59% of all burglaries are done in an occupied house, while in the
US only 13%. In Arlington, Virginia, right across the river from the capitol, where there
are less restrictive gun laws, the murder rate is 3,556% lower than Washington D.C.
There is no denying that guns protect society. Criminals will always get guns, the same
way they always manage to get their hands on meth, heroin, and cocaine. This is not an
argument, or an opinion. There is no my truth, or your truth. This is THE truth. Whether
you like it or not, the facts are the facts, and facts don’t care about your feelings. We,
the American people, need guns to protect our life, land, and liberty.
Thank you, I yield my time for questions.