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Technical Memorandum 1

Technical Memorandum
From: Katelyn Swinski
Date: November 12, 2019
Subject: Homework 8 – Cost Estimating
Executive Summary
This technical memo provides an opinion of probable construction cost for the City of
Gainesville to build an equipment storage building. Aspects considered in this memo are:
1. Cost Analysis
2. Quantity Calculations
3. Opinion of Probable Cost
The calculations made for this analysis are shown for 30% conceptual design, do not reflect
the cost of the final product.
It is recommended that the equipment storage building be constructed in its proposed
location through the creation of a storm water treatment pond nearby.
1. The site is flat and slightly wooded, good for clearing and grading.
2. Excavation for the pond will create the amount of fill needed for embankment of the
roadway and building structure.
3. Soil testing indicates it is suitable to use as fill.
Construct a simple, uninsulated, naturally-ventilated, pre-engineered steel building that
will be open on the south side with no additional doors or windows. This building will be
supported by 20” by 10” reinforced concrete strip footings with a 6” thick concrete floor.
This project will also include the construction of a 6” thick concrete approach apron, a 325’
long asphalt driveway and a storm water treatment pond. The objective is to use already
present resources (i.e. fill from the storm water pond or a pre-engineered building) to keep
costs as low as possible.
Complete all ground and geotechnical work by clearing the site and completing all
excavation, fills, and compaction prior to structural or final work.
Excavation of Stormwater Treatment Pond
Create embankment for structure and roadway using excavated soil
Construct footings and floor slab
Add building structure
Complete Stormwater Treatment Pond with drainage structures
Construct roadway/asphalt driveway
Install lighting and electrical (to be done by outside source)
Grass and landscaping
Quantity Takeoff Calculations
1. Stormwater Treatment Pond
½ * (25 + 75) * 5 = 250 ft2
250 / 9 = 27.7 S.Y.
250 x 275 = 68750 cubic feet
68750 / 27 = 2546.3 C.Y.
2. Fill for Structure and Concrete Apron
½ * (140 + 150) * 1 = 145 ft2
145 / 9 = 16.1 S.Y.
145 x (50 + 75) = 18125 cubic feet
18125 / 27 = 671.3 C.Y.
3. Fill for Roadway
½ * (24 + 31) * 1 = 27.5 ft2
27.5 x 325 = 8937 cubic feet
4. Excavation minus Fill
Total Fill: 27062.5 cubic feet
68750 – 27062.5 = 41687.5 cubic feet extra from excavation
Opinion of Probable Cost
The cost of this project is estimated to be $403,774. This is an underrepresentation of the
total project cost. Limitations to this estimate include the amount of man hours needed to
complete the project. There are also costs associated with transporting equipment and
materials to and from the site.
Quantity Takeoff Calculations
Calculations suggest that the volume of the excavated soil from the Stormwater Treatment
Pond will exceed the amount of soil required to create the embankment for the structure
and roadway. As a result, the use of dump trucks will be required to haul excess soil off the
property. This soil can be taken to sand and gravel mine sites to fill and level previously
mined areas. As a result, holes are filled to promote better drainage in the area. There is
also always a constant need for fill dirt at other construction sites to allow for recreational,
commercial, or residential development. As a result, there are places which store excess fill
dirt from sites as well.