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ID Card printers in Dubai

Cardline Electronics LLC
 Cardline is the Identity people to the United Arab Emirates through
qualities of itself being supported by the major brand such
as Fargo, Datacard, CIAAT, Evolis and HID in ID products and solutions.
Contact us now through our online inquiry form or give us a call and our
dedicated sales expert will help you identify efficient and effective
solutions to fulfil your requirements.
 We focus on providing customised solutions taking into account your
exact requirements and budget constraints while comforting you of the
best quality, fast delivery and unmatched service at the most competitive
 Today ID card printers are more versatile than just the original photo IDs. Today,
you can use barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFIDs and smart card technologies over
IDs for increased security and traceability in many applications. Whether your
business needs are low-volume office fee printing or full-scale enterprise and
educational applications, there is an ID card printer that will meet your needs.
 An ID card printer can increase security at your convenience and save time in the
process. By integrating ID card printers, identity software software and digital
camera merchandise, control can streamline control, update security and create a
professional, integrated look at employees. However, choosing the right ID card
printer can be intimidating.
 Choosing the right ID card printer will most likely depend on your intended
frequency and usage. To find the right printer for your needs, just follow this sixquestion guide and complete the recommended action items. By completing this
guide, you will easily get the best value from your selected ID card printer.
Determine Your Budget
While the organization's budget may be the most limiting
factor, it is very useful to have a pre-installed budget range
when evaluating printers. Make sure you consider the ongoing
supply costs, including blank cards and printer ribbons.
Single or Dual Sided Printing
If you need to print both sides of the card, the dual-side
printer automatically flips and prints on the back of the card.
If you are unsure, consider a printer with an upgraded dualside printing module.
Select Printing Method
Most ID card printers use die sublimation printing, while some
more sophisticated models use reverse transfer printing to
produce high-definition cards. In addition, some printers have
monochrome rewrite mode.
Volume Requirements
It is very important to know the approximate printing volume
when choosing the right printer. Organizations with medium
to high-volume print jobs may choose to invest in more
expensive printers to save on labor and supply costs over
Lamination,Visual Security & Encoding
Some ID card printers have special features to enhance ID
card durability and visual security, including lamination,
holographic lamination and Holocote watermarks. Encoding
options are fairly standard across all ID card printers.
Determine Connection Type
Do you need to connect your printer to a single computer or
network? USB cables connect printers to a single computer
and all IDs come standard with the printer. Ethernet or Wi-Fi
connections are required to connect to the network.
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