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Blood and bone

The similarities of Tzain from the book Children of
Blood and Bone by tomi Adeyemi and a wolf. Tzain is
Zelie’s older brother and Mama and baba’s son. He is a
level-headed, cautious boy who is also strong and
fiercely loyal. As a result, he is often exasperated by
Zélie, who will sometimes take unnecessary risks or let
her anger get the better of her. But he is sensitive and
caring, too, and is far more patient with Amari than Zélie
is. Despite the ways that King Saran has hurt Tzain and
his family, Tzain feels compassion for Amari and
understands that her father’s crimes are not hers.
Firstly,Wolves and tzain are both territorial. Tzain’s first
priority at all times is protecting his family, even if that
means killing trespassers to protect his territory. ”I don’t
know what disturbs me more: that I killed him, or that I
could do it again”. Likewise a wolf, by nature wolves are
very territorial animals.They give warning signals of
where they will including loud howls and barking when
faced with danger or when another animal choose to
trespass on its our territory.
Secondly, both Tzain and a wolf evolved in similar
ways, in families, found strength in numbers. Members
of any healthy family—human or wolf—assume specific
roles. Like wolves, the alpha pair makes decisions and
controls the pack. Other members contribute to the
pack’s survival. Likewise Tzain who is the oldest and
also the alpha of the group of three which includes;
Zelie and Amari, who would be the members that
contribute to the pack’s survival.”You must protect those
who can’t defend themselves. Mama Agba’s words from
this morning seep into my head.”
In their families, wolves—like Tzain—play, show
affection, feed and discipline and mourn their dead.
Lastly, Wolves and Tzain both use non-verbal
communication. A wolf's postures and facial displays
express aggression and fear, dominance and
submission without words. Likewise Tzain, his facial
expressions tells his mood. ‘Without saying a word my
facial expression spoke for me i was exasperated,he
wants to believe that playing by the monarchy’s rules
will keep us safe, but nothing can protect us when those
rules are rooted in hate.”
In conclusion Tzain and a wolf both share