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With the ideal shape of government for the people of our nation and the sons and daughters to come
long after, a strong government will prevent the rebellions, such as Shays Rebellion, that has brought fears
amongst the people and the order we drape themselves in. But, in generality, it protects our nation from
any foreign threat and a threat amongst itself.
To produce goods and carry out the import and export of products, resulting in international trade and
manufacturing, will provide a strength of building wealth and a reoccurring rout of connection through
other countries. With these qualities, we can gain the traits of foreign relations, which shall prove useful in
the benefits of foreign products and resources being local.
In truth, we need to pay off strongly held debts to be thoroughly taken seriously. With the cause of the
federal paying for most of the debts held by states, debtors need not spend so much on repayment, giving
them the opportunity to begin a business of their own. This gives a stronger national economy. Though debt
with other countries may be seen as troublesome, an international debt will give an opportunity of this
nation to reconstruct its power to make up money lost in the flames of revolution.
In addition to supporting businesses, a national bank would provide loans for businesses needing
support. Safety is strongly considered in this plan, being that the target of theft is money. This will provide a
place of strong security for the citizen's money. This also a place in which a national mint will take place (a
place to make coins). This shall give the nation a start on creating its own money
Protective tariffs (higher tariffs) results in the reinforcement from foreign competition. This would
aswell bring forth the stronger purchase of American goods by having overseas products at a higher price.
Another tax we will bring forward is a tax on whiskey, which should produce higher amounts of money and
with hope reduce alcoholism.
We are a society of constant change and devopment. With this quality, we need not principles and
laws of the powers of the federal to be set in its place, but instead lives on with us in the form of a loose
constitution. Let these laws bend with us as our society bends.
Strong Central Government
International Trade
National Bank and Debt
Loose Constitution
Taxes on Whiskey
Cons of Jefferson’s Plan:
The fact that Individual States would possess most of the power in the nation would leave the federal
government without the power of collecting taxes from the states or any efficient way of getting money to
run the country in a proper way, but to ask the states in a polite way if they would give some money to the
federal government.
However if we ratify the articles of confederation once again, there would be no national court, this means
that if there is a case on state level, and it's not solve there would be nowhere else to go, leaving the case
without a solution. Besides it was almost impossible to approve a new law or amendment, because to do so,
congress would need the concern of all 13 states, and not just 9.