April 4 Intro to Magnetism Notes

April 4, 2016
 Make a circle
map & list
everything you
know about
 Only take up
½ of a page in
your notebook
 Blue and red bar magnets under the doc camera
 Show opposites attract and likes repel
 Show that some objects are magnetic (can be attracted by a magnet) and
others are not
 Ideas: string, paperclips, scissors, penny, nickel, nails,… ?
 Any material that attracts iron or steel
 Can be permanent or temporary
 All magnets have 2 poles, North and South
 Opposite poles attract & Like poles repel
 Magnets can be made in a variety of shapes
 Do NOT need to touch to exert a force
 Nature – lodestone (magnetite), iron, cobalt, nickel
 Man made materials – ceramic, neodymium alloy
 Created using electricity – electromagnetism
 A force field is the pattern in space of how that force is felt by
other objects
 Flow from North to South
 Are 3-dimensional
 Power locks on cars
 Doorbells
 Microwaves
 TVs
 Refrigerators
 Compass
 Animal migration
 Electricity
 Whiteboards