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Shane Stoyko
3590 Greenville Ave.  Simi Valley, CA 93063  Phone: 805-624-1450  E-Mail: [email protected]
 Efficient Communication
 Strong work ethic
 Team leadership skills
 Extremely organized
 Proficient Microsoft Office skills
 Great time management
 Strives to boost morale
 Experience in volunteer
Work History
Warehouse Manager: KPI Entertainment
December 2013 to Current
 Held accountable for all communication with customers and orders currently under the manufacture process.
 Responsible for all material and product inventory.
 Manage warehouse of employees by assigning daily tasks and setting goals for future dates.
 Since December 2013, output of product has nearly doubled in every month from the previous year. Highest ranked
company in our category on Amazon.com, with the highest overall customer ratings.
Preload Employee: United Postal Service (UPS)
February 2012 to May 2014
 Worked to efficiently extract and sort between 60,000-100,000 packages due for delivery in the local area each day.
 Enhanced many personal skills such as overall motivation, time management, team communication, and multi-tasking
while working in a high stress environment with a heavy physical demand.
 Achieved certification for dozens of job positions within the facility by continually striving to do better at any assigned
 Actively participated in the safety committee through employee education/evaluation, implication of safety events and
general leadership on the job.
Shift Supervisor/Keyholder: Kirby’s Pet Depot
 Responsible for opening/closing tasks including cash handling, inventory, and product organization.
 Morning and night animal care. These tasks are comprised of general feeding, enclosure sanitation, medical checks
and grooming.
 Implemented personal knowledge to create a 25% increase in sales of the reptile department.
 Analyzed employment applications and evaluated potential candidates.
 Created a closer bond with the community by participating in events such as fundraises, local fairs and seasonal pet
Moorpark College: Participation in Exotic Animal Training and Management courses such as
Zoology, Animal Behavior and Animal Ethics.