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Family Unit - Assignment

Family BINGO Assignment
Complete 4 activities in a row or diagonally - just like BINGO
Don’t tell your family that it is an assignment, just do it.
Needs to take at least 10 minutes or longer for each activity.
With ‚Äčeach ‚Äčactivity you need to either
A. Take a photo
B. Write a reflection on what you felt or learned (at least 2 sentences) (Keep all on one sheet or
title a Google doc Family BINGO and type it out on there.
I CHALLENGE you to do ALL of them
Assigned on ___________________________
Due on _______________________________
Eat dinner with
Visit with a
Write a thank
Read a story
your family
family member you note to a
book to your
that you
family member younger sibling
haven’t talked
to for awhile
Take a
“Family” Selfie
Wash and put
away the
sweep the
Clean the
Teach a parent Random Act of
Help your
one of your
Wash, dry, fold
sibling with
favorite apps
(write about)
and put away their homework
on your device
2 loads
Babysit your
siblings for
FREE Parents Night
Make dinner
for your family
Bake cookies
for someone
(not you)
Have a family
game night