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Events attended: N/A
Full name: Kohlberg, Lawrence
Favorite Food: N/A
Nickname: N/A
Famous quotations: Intelligence may be taken
as a necessary, but not sufficient, cause of
moral advance. All morally advance children are
bright, but not all bright children are morally
Greek name:N/A
Meaning of their name: Man from Laurentum
Age: 59
Height: 1.98m
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Inspirations: Jean Piaget
Interests: N/A
Vices (bisyo): N/A
Skin Color: White
Random facts (atleast 3): Smuggled Jews into
Palestine to save them.
Birthday: October 25, 1927
Richest known psychologist
Nationality: American
Completed his bachelor’s degree in just 1 year
Religion: Jew
Rival: Carol Gilligan
Family/Friends: N/A
Mother’s Name: Charlotte Albrecht
Signature: N/A
Father’s Name: Alfred Kohlberg
Date of Death: January 19, 1987
Children: 2 sons. Names are not stated
Cause of Death: Suicide
Spouse: Lucy Stigberg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
School(s) attended: Philips Academy
Course: B.A Psychology
Educational Attainment (bachelor/masters/phd): B.A Psychology
Company: Harvard University
Profession: Merchant marine, Professor, and Psychologist
Salary: Estimated net worth of 15 million U.S dollars
What is the definition of this theory?
What is the main focus of this theory? The main focus of the theory is about the moral
development of a person from being a child up to being an adult
What are the stages if there are any? There are 3 levels in Kohlberg’s theory, pre-conventional,
conventional, and post-conventional
What is the significance or impacts of this theory to the people? This theory has open up the
minds of later behavioral psychologist to view the development of morality among children
Research Areas: Education
Research Methods: Interview, presentation of dilemmas
Major contributions: Theory of moral development of moral reasoning.
Works (articles/books/novels): The Meaning and Measurement of Moral Development (1981)
The Philosophy of Moral Development: Moral Stages and the Idea of Justice (1981)
The Psychology of Moral Development: The Nature and Validity of Moral Stages (1984)
Child Psychology and Childhood Education: A Cognitive-Development View (1987)Co-Authors:
No. of works: 6
Impacts of his works: Study for the stages of moral behavior
Inventions: N/A