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introduction research

There are many dengue cases here in the Philippines especially now that we are in a rainy
season. There are people actually dies because of dengue outbreak. Did you know that you can
actually repel mosquitos in your home and in your area using what you see in your garden/kitchen
it is easy to make and it's not harmful and also it's not over prize like what you see in other
mosquito repellent products in the super markets. We should take care of ourselves and be aware
of what's happening in our surroundings.
Lemon grass and garlic as a mosquito repellent oil. Garlic have this scent called allium sativum
that mosquitoes hate , they can't take the smell of a garlic, it is proven that this is effective. Oil and
vapors in the garlic are directly toxic to insects. Lemongrass (cymbolpogon citratus) a common
ingredient used either in dining or as an ambient scent used in recreational spa and lifestyle
activities, are also often to perceived as an insect repellent help to prevent and control the
outbreaks of insect-borne diseases. Lemongrass contains citronella oil and musk scents that
attract mosquitoes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid found in human by applying repellent
with citronella oil ingredients, it blocks the scents being sensed by mosquitoes. This makes it
harder for mosquitoes to locate you
Lemon grass and garlic as a mosquito repellent. We all know that lemon grass is naturally
insecticide same as the garlic because of its components so we come up to this research to
combine it to be more effective as a mosquito repellent. It is easy to make this and it is very useful
and also this is very cheap you can repel mosquitoes in your home by spraying this. Being clean is
not enough we need to make sure that we are free from this mosquitoes that can lead us into
dengue, malaria or any other diseases that mosquito can lead us. We promote that we need to
practice this alternative mosquito repellent than any other mosquito repellent that you can see in
the markets because it is more safe and 100% sure that you can repel mosquitoes inside your
Plastic is one of the biggest problem we are facing in our world it affects not just in humans but in the
animals as well especially in fish. There are many fishes actually die because of plastics,