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Hazards involved in industrial environment

Hazards involved when operating machines in an industrial environment
Every day when you arrive at work you normally follow the same roadmap. The first thing is
to clarify which functions are scheduled. Generally, people focus only on executing all of
these assigned operations:Nevertheless, we should not ignore that in an industrial work
there are many electronic devices that you should pay attention to.
But is it really important to have precautions about these possible risks at work? Or are
these just public campaigns and we are wasting time?
The answer has no controversy, as/since there are a lot of hazards when you are using
industrial machinery, for this reason we are obliged to wear specific equipment. As we
know, formula one mechanics are exposed to fire and noise, therefore safety gloves and a
gas respirator should be used. Moreover, a high visibility vest and overalls are essential to be
To conclude personal protective equipment in every field in industry is required, because
maybe during many years everything works well, but when a disaster happens, it is
impossible to come back to the past, and then the problem is irreversible.