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How to select the correct welding electrode

How to select the correct welding electrode
There are seven fundamental factors in the selection of electrodes for Inconel 600 Plate
 Base metal identification
 Type of current available for welding, that is, if alternating or continuous current is
counted for the operation
 Position in which welding should be performed
 Thickness and shape of base metal
 Board design
 Specifications or service conditions required for the job
 Efficiency and speed required in the operation
Once the electrode is chosen according to the previous bases, it is necessary to select the
current (amperage) with which it will work according to its diameter. If the operating current
is direct or continuous, the polarity recommended by the manufacturer for that electrode
should be used in order to obtain better results. Although the different types of electrodes, for
various applications have different operating characteristics, there are some implicit general
rules that apply without exception to all types of coated electrodes.
The Hastelloy C276 Round Bar, for example, should always be kept as short as possible
but without allowing the electrode coating to touch the pool of molten metal. The advance of
the arc must be in accordance with the diameter of the electrode used. The oscillation of the
arc should be generally short, not more than four times the diameter of the electrode. When
the force must be greater, the speed of the swing must be as low as possible.
The purpose of the foregoing is to prevent the electrode and the Hastelloy C276 Plate being
deposited from leaving the atmosphere of the protective gas generated by the coating. The
slag as the main function cleans the deposited metal of impurity and helps give the cord its
external shape and appearance. At the same time and according to its solidification point, it
allows the deposited metal to be held in vertical and overhead positions. Consequently it is
important not to remove the slag, until it has cooled down and completely solidified.
Electrode welding of Inconel 600 Round Bar is a broad field, since there are different
materials designed for various jobs. So electrode welders attend electrode welding courses to
know their classification and to know how and where to use them. There is an international
standard that indicates the type of electrode to be used, making it easier to find the one for
the job and they are the following:
Cellulosic Electrodes: They are named for the high concentration of cellulose found in their
coating; and have the following characteristics:
Fast solidification
Excellent performance and resistance
Maximum penetration
Rutile Electrodes: Known in this way due to its large amount of rutile (titanium oxide)
contained in its coating; and has the following characteristics:
Soft bow
Good presentation
Good resistance
Penetration that goes from medium to low
Mineral Electrodes: It is called mineral electrodes due to the main components of its
coating that are iron and manganese oxides; and its characteristics are the following:
Good mechanical properties
Good appearance of the deposit
Good penetration
High deposition rate
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