ling101 w12 syllabus

Linguistics 101, Linguistic Analysis
Course Syllabus, Winter 2012
Tues, Thurs 11:00 - 12:15
HSSB 2251
Dr. Robert Kennedy
South Hall 3516
Wed 10 am - 2 pm
Course Description
This course is built around analysis of a wide range of morphological and phonological
phenomena in a diverse set of languages. Much of this analysis will take place collaboratively
in class. We will encounter representative (in some cases, definitive) examples of particular
Prerequisites: Linguistics 20 (Language and Linguistics) or equivalent.
Course Materials
Readings consist solely of linguistic data; all readings are accessible via Gauchospace.
A course reader is available from Alternative Copy Shop.
Elements of this course:
Analytic Assignments
Written Assignments
Midterm quizzes
Thursday March 21, noon. Cumulative.
There will be two types of assignments: (a) analytic assignments, which involve you working
out the solution to a problem set independently, and (b), written assignments, which involve
you describing a (pre-determined) analysis in written form.
Assignments are due (a) in class if in hard copy or (b) by a time specified online if electronic.
Late assignments receive a 10% penalty for each subsequent weekday, counting 24-hour
periods. Late assignments are not accepted once the assignment has been handed back.
The midterm and final exams will include written short-answer and multiple choice
Participation is calculated by default proportional to your written work. It may be boosted by
active or thoughtful contribution and participation in class. It may be reduced by
disruptiveness or distraction in class.
All students are expected to understand and comply with university policies regarding
plagiarism and originality of work. Plagiarized assignments (including copying of a friend’s
homework) will receive a grade of 0 and may result in additional disciplinary action.
If you have questions about an assignment, be sure to ask them at the beginning of class, or
bring questions to office hours.
Assignments must be typed.
Both examinations are closed book, closed notes, closed phones.
If you encounter a scheduling conflict with the examination dates, please notify me within the
first two weeks of the quarter so that we may arrange an alternative date.
Disruptiveness in class will not be tolerated and will result in grade reductions. This includes
usage of cellular phones and text messaging.
Regrade and Audit requests must be done in writing. Regrades due to clerical (i.e.
mathematical) errors will simply be recalculated. Other regrading requests will subject your
assignment or exam to undergo complete regrading.
Course crashing policy:
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Linguistics 101, Linguistic Analysis
Course Syllabus, Winter 2012
Special Accommodations
University policy requests that any accommodation must be initiated by the student. If you need
special accommodations for the examinations, or if you have other learning needs that your TA or
instructor should be aware of, you may request accommodations by contacting the Disabled
Students Program.
Phone: (805) 893-2668
Location: 1201 SAASB
Schedule of Topics and Readings (Subject to change. Watch for updates!)
Week 1
Jan 10 – Jan 12
Morphological analysis
Swahili verbs, Oaxaca Chontal,
Choctaw verbs, Zacapoaxtla Aztec,
Georgian, Tagalog, Mezquital Otomi,
Sayala Popoluca, Plains Cree
Week 2
Jan 17 – Jan 19
Paradigms and Classes
Czech, Latin*, Huichol, Swahili
nouns, Arabic nouns, Oaxaca
Analytic assignment 1 due
Week 3
Jan 24 – Jan 26
Hanunoo, Luganda, Zoque, Japanese
Rendaku, Japanese verbs, Isthmus
Zapotec, Tonkawa
Midterm Quiz 1
Week 4
Jan 31 – Feb 2
Vowel harmony
Turkish, Hungarian, Kirghiz, Akan*,
Pulaar, Yoruba, Kinande*, Wolof*
Written assignment 1 due
Week 5
Feb 7 – Feb 9
Kikuyu, Mono-bili, Efik, Margi,
Shona, Venda
Week 6
Feb 14 – Feb 16
Templatic morphology
Arabic verbs and nouns, Hebrew*,
Choctaw, Southern Sierra Miwok
Analytic assignment 2 due
Week 7
Feb 21 – Feb 23
Ilocano, Agta, Samoan, Turkish,
Mokilese, Ponapean, Woleaian,
Hawaiian, Sanskrit*
Midterm Quiz 2
Week 8
Feb 28 – Mar 1
Morpheme structure
Ponapean, Chuukese, Arabic*
Analytic assignment 3 due
Week 9
Mar 6 – Mar 8
Gradience and variation
New England and rhoticity
Week 10
Mar 13 – Mar 15
Written assignment 2 due
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