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Project instrucstions

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
Fall 2019
Project Instruction
1. Instructions for term-papers
a) This is a group assignment. Each group has to choose a product or service with some
entirely new idea or with an improvement in the existing product or service.
b) Each group has to write a business plan, which must include an appearance components
like cover, title page and the table of contents.
c) The rest of the document must contain the following sections
Executive Summary, Business description, Marketing, Operations, Management,
Financial, Critical Risks, Harvest Strategy, Milestone Schedule and Appendix or
Remember that you are responsible for everything you have written. The document should
always contain references to the underlying sources of information both as footnotes and a
complete table of references at the end of the paper. You should adhere to scientific ethical
writing standards; crediting original authors etc. Please see the sample paper (available on
Moodle course page) for the referencing style. Do not copy-paste material to use as you own:
that is plagiarism.
Length of the project paper: The desired minimum length of the paper is 10 pages. This does not
include the title page, references and appendix.
Further Guidelines for the Term paper
You can approach me for further guidelines during my office hours.
Please be aware that your term paper will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism is controlled with
the help of a program called Turnitin, which is used to detect plagiarism for English text at SQU.
As two students will be working on the same topic, if both papers are found to be very similar in
content, I will cancel both papers and the students in question will get “zero” grade from this part
of the course.
The paper should be written using Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 line pace and one 6” space
between the paragraphs. Only adequate space is desired between the headings and sub headings.
Deadline for submitting the term-papers
There is nothing strange with handing in the paper a few days in advance. However, the final
deadline of delivering the paper is: Sunday, December 10 in my mailbox. You also need to submit
the paper in electronic format but after submitting the print version. Please deliver the paper to me
in a printed form (as a hard copy) and stapled. The first page should contain your name and student
number and Course and date.The appendices (if any) should come after the references. No
extension of the time deadline will be given.
After the submission of business Plan you have to give a presentation during your class timing.
The focus of your presentation must be on the pain for which your venture will be the solution.
There are some other guidelines for presentation mention on the slides of chapter 12.
15 minutes will be given to each group for presenting their plan. 10 minutes for presentation and
5 minutes for question answers
The presentations will be given during class timing in week 15. ( 15th December and 17th
Good Luck😊