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To all students and parents of Champions Taekwondo,
Every student taking a belt promotion test to the next rank must fill out the moral section on their
application for the belt promotion test. The section will be fill out by the student according to their rank.
Students will look at the curriculum board and write down their definition of the moral in the section. In
order to get the 5th tip on your belt, students must hand in their test papers a week prior to their
testing day. Once an application has been received, students will receive their 6th tip on their belt and
will be allowed to take the belt promotion test.
For example: The white belt moral is "What martial do you learn?" Simply, the student will write in the
section: The martial art I learn is Taekwondo.
Every belt level has a different moral. Students will define the moral as best they can by paying attention
in class, asking the Master/Instructors/Staff about their moral, doing research, reading our student
manual, and asking their parents or elders. For those students who are still young and have trouble,
parents may help your children in filling out the moral section. By the time students reach Black Belt,
they will have a great understanding of Taekwondo and the way of life. Please fill out your moral section
neatly and as accurately as you can.
White Belt: What martial art do you learn?
A: Taekwondo, sir!
Yellow Belt: What is Tae? Kwon? Do?
A: "Tae" is the action of the foot, "Kwon" is the action of the hand and "Do" is the way of life sir!
Orange Belt: What is definition of Taekwondo?
A: Taekwondo is an action philosophy, the Korean art of Self Defense sir!
Green Belt: 7 Commitments of Taekwondo
1. Be loyal to your country. 2. Honor your parents. 3. Be cooperative between brothers and sisters. 4.
Be faithful to your friends. 5. Be respectful to your elders. 6. Establish trust between teachers and
students. 7. Always finish what you start sir!
Green Tip Belt: 5 Tenets of Taekwondo
1. Courtesy 2. Integrity
3. Perseverance
4. Self Control
5. Indomitable Spirit
Blue Belt: Korean Terminology #1
Check korean terminology sheet #1
Blue Tip Belt: Korean Terminology #2
Check korean terminology sheet #2
Purple Belt: Korean Terminology #3
Check korean terminology sheet #3
Purple Tip Belt: Korean Terminology #4
Check korean terminology sheet #4
Red Belt: What is UCTA?
A: UCTA stands for Ultimate Champion’s Taekwondo Association, sir! UCTA was founded in
1988 by Grandmaster Sang K. Oh, sir!
Red Tip, Brown & Bodan Belts: Black Belt Candidates
A: Speak to Master/Instructor for more information on how to start preparing for your black belt test.