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Advertising (4)

Natalie Romano
Professor Ziegler
Intro to Advertising
7 December 2019
Chapter 18 discusses the role of objectives in the development of an IMC campaign strategy. Review the
five requirements of a measurable objective listed in the text and describe how each one is used in
evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Using these requirements write a measurable
objective for your MA3 ad.
The five requirements of a measurable objective are a specific effect that can be measured, a
time frame, a baseline, the goal, and lastly percentage change. Each of these objectives is
extremely beneficial when evaluating the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign.
Beginning with a specific effect that can be measured, this is the effect you want your
advertisement to have on consumers. What is the point of the advertisement? Is it for
awareness, prevention , sales etc. What effect does your advertisement have on the
consumers? A time frame is effective for an advertisement campaign because it allows you to
stay organized and have everything completed by a certain time. With a baseline, it is effective
for your advertising campaign because it helps prioritize campaigns and allows you to find out
what is not working and what is. A goal in your advertising campaign, is getting people’s
attention. It is also a realistic estimate of the change the campaign can create. Benchmarking in
an advertising campaign also allows the company to measure the businesses performance
against competitors. So yes, bench marking is super beneficial when it comes to making a
certain goal. Lastly percentage change is extremely effective for an advertising campaign,
because it subtracts the baseline from the goal, and divides the difference by the baseline.
For my tesla advertisement, I’ll start out with my specific effect that can be measured. The
specific effect of my tesla advertisement that can be measured is the primarily reason why it’s
made. It’s an electric car, the benefits include not having to pay for gas. That is, it’s best feature
I would say. The time frame for my advertisement is not specific. It’s a 2019 Tesla, so I presume
that the timeframe would be during the year of 2019 before the next model is released. The
baseline of the tesla advertisement shows you what is working on it. Example: it can drive itself,
it’s one of the quickest SUV’s on earth, and the most advanced electric car in the world. So, the
baseline is it a car that would benefit most people because of its upcoming technology. The
goal of the advertisement is too obviously getting people to purchase it. The advertisement
talks about the amenities it has to offer which is the main selling point of course. In my
advertisement I mentioned the 3 things that I found the most important that would draw a
costumer in. I don’t think my advertisement has a percentage change, because I do not have
enough information of my advertisement to determine this statistic.