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Egyptian God Bios

god of the
- Black color symbolized fertile
Earth of the Nile
- Either the son of Ra or Osiris
- A protector of graves & the dead
- Served as a “Guardian of the
Scales” weighs the heart of the dead
- Most important God
god of the - Similar in style to
Sun Sky God, Horus
- Ruled the sky, the Earth &
the Underworld (& kings)
- All forms of life were created
from Ra’s sweat and tears
- Celestial Cow myth tells the story of
Ra punishing mankind's plot against
ruler of Egypt
- The term pharaoh comes form
the idea of a “great house”
- Two colored crown represents
unification of Lower and Upper Egypt
- Represented the Gods
- Owned all the land, commanded
the army and maintained the Maat
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