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Morality Intelligence Innovation Entrepreneurship
Name: Sengchan Penhvong
Sex: Male
Subject: Culture study 1
Academic Year: 2019-2020
Submitted to Mr. Yin Vireak
Year: III
Reading Report
Chapter 1 Concepts of Culture
After I read this lesson I got some meaning of this lesson like how to know about culture and can know
about what is culture. And culture can help me to culture around the world.
Firstly, this lesson wanted to know about culture meaning. Culture also can make me know about anything
that I don’t know before. Culture also teach me about another soft skill and hard skill, this lesson also can
share something to everyone know about different culture and different country also. I can get some other
culture form this lesson.
Secondly, culture also have material culture, non-material culture and shock culture. Material culture talk
about culture, that focus on everything I can see I can touch like Table, weapons, building and a lot of things
that I can see and touch. Non-material that focus on everything that I can’t see and touch like Thinking, Ideas,
belief and another thing. And shock culture talked about new things new style and everyone don’t see or know
before, and it amazing for me and everyone. Example like new style hair cut from Europe country like a lot
of girl short hair also.
Thirdly, culture can help you a lot of soft skill like thinking, speaking, reading and communication also.
Language is a part of culture that can make people easy to talk with another people and share something like
ideas and knowledge. In the world have a lot of countries and have a lot of language for communication with
a lot of people around the world. People also they want to learn more about another language that from another
country, like Canadian want to learn about Cambodian language and Cambodian want to learn about English
also. Why language is important for people around the world, because it can tell you and me about he/she
come from? Before they talk or make communication with other people they also use body language for talk
or communication with another people that they want to talk with.
Finally, culture is important for people learn about it because it can combine people to people and country to
country. Culture can give you a lot of benefit from it and knowledge also because it like a great thing come
from the sky. It also wants people to learn about it because it has a lots in the world. Language also want
people learn about it easy for communication with different country or different people come from another
country. Now in a country have a lot of culture from another country, like wearing, eating, living, speaking,
sport and economic.
The End