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Fun with the Mental Operations #1: You Over Me? We Cannot Be by Jayson C. Cruz Jr.
We found ourselves standing about each other.
It's almost winter, spring, fall and summer,
Not just with something that bounds us together.
It is not around the weather, the year, nor even -meter,
It is not some other digits that matter –
'Cos between us is a horizontal barrier –
Not a shape, not a variable, a symbol rather.
A totem which hinders perfection of our desire.
A sign that shears our both pleasure.
One thing is certain and surely clear –
In our relation, it expresses a steadfast blur.
To pass through it is a waste of power.
Trying to escape side-by-side is a brain-teaser –
When you're above, I'll find myself under (0/1),
We're like nothing but a null, a cipher (= 0);
When I'm at the top, at the bottom you're there (1/0),
We simply get complicated, it doesn't make us better (= undefined).
Once, I went to right of the girder.
You wrote yourself to its left, later.
"We cannot be," the statement inferred (0-1).
But we still strained each other even harder.
Only negativity affixed me knowing you're going to disappear (= -1).
Then, we gave a shot on juxtaposing our picture –
You go right, I turn left after (1-0) –
You've lost again, can't find you anywhere (= 1).
I turned left, yet you're the one who left me over and over.
We've just made the problem worse than ever.
Now, I am alone – a remainder.
And you, who has gone – a reminder:
Reciprocating our fate will just end up with disaster;
We cannot formulate an absolute solution to an infinite snarl;
No one can solve riddle of love, even numbers.