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ESL English Grammar language analysis sheet

Language analysis: Grammar/Tenses/Functional Language
Complete this, as far as you can, for grammar / function-based lessons or skills-based lessons
where there is a clear language component. This does not need to be submitted, but is
recommended for your own confidence in teaching the class.
Language area (e.g. 3rd conditional, modals of deduction, etc.)
Quantifiers: a few of, a little. And a lot of
Context (the situation - Who? Where? When? – in which the language is used, and the sort of
reading or listening text in which it is contained, if a text is being used)
When we talk about countable nouns, we use a few of and a lot of to describe the amount of food
When we talk about uncountable food items such as milk, we use a little and a lot of .
Sugar flour coffee milk coke pasta oil cheese
There is a little sugar./There is a lot of oil.
Onions eggs apples lemons steaks
There are a few onions. /There are a lot of steaks.
Focus on meaning
(concept check questions, timelines etc. This should also include levels of formality/register if
When we have water, we use a few or a little? A little
When we talk about eggs, we use a few or a little? A few
When we talk about spinach, do we use a few or a little? A little
Focus on form (analysis for students as it will appear on whiteboard, if appropriate, +/-/?)
Focus on pronunciation
(contractions, weak forms etc. Phonemic transcription of problem sounds, if appropriate)
Anticipated problems with solutions
(possible difficulties with meaning, form and/or pronunciation etc. and how you propose to deal
with these).
Note: Your analysis may be longer than this page!