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A transistor is an electronic
component that can be used
as part of an amplifier, or as a
switch. It is made of a
semiconductor material.
Transistors are found in most electronic devices.
Importance of Transistor
Transistors make excellent electronic switches. They can turn currents
on and off billions of times per second. Digital computers use
transistors as a basic mechanism for storing and moving data.
Properly set up, transistors can serve as amplifiers. The vast majority
of audio and other signal amplifiers are transistorized.
Two Ways to Position and Rotate Your 3D Model
Try them yourself with the parrot on the right:
Click on your 3D Model: Click and
hold on the 3D control to rotate or
tilt your 3D model up, down, left,
and right.
3D Control
Alternatively, with your model selected, on the
Ribbon, in the 3D Model Tool Format tab, you can
click on 3D Model Views gallery to apply one of
the various position views.