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Welcome to Magnolia!

The Belt --

The belt that is worn on the deel is usually made of a long strip of cloth wound several times around the waist.

For men, its length is 3 or 5 meters (an odd number), while for women is actually 2 or 4 meters (an even number).

Men generally choose the yellow or orange color, women yellow or green, but all fantasies are allowed.

In times of celebration, this cloth belt is replaced by a leather belt with a big and very elaborate silver buckle.


This hairstyle was particularly popular with the Halh. The braid sheaths give the appearance of extremely long hair, which was a traditional mark of beauty. Great attention was paid to the ornamentation of the headdress. The skull cap originated from the 13th Century married woman’s hat. Generally, wives wore an “uuj” (something like a long waistcoat without sleeves) over the traditional Mongolian dress. The waistcoat was worn for ceremonies.

In Mongolia, the absolute center of attention are the headpieces.

Big, colorful, sometimes beaded, their type and usage vary according to the season of the year, everyday or festive use, fashionable or for ceremonies – hats for all styles and occasions! Infact, there are more than 400 different styles of hats in Mongolia. The hat is worn a type of tunic called Deel, boots and silver accessories.