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Four Corners
Part I: To Get You Thinking- Identify whether you strongly agree/agree/disagree/strongly
disagree and elaborate in one to two sentences.
1. Literature that contains racist characters should not be studied in high school classes.
2. Prejudice and racism are the same thing.
3. If parents have racist beliefs, then their children will too.
4. All people are racist in some way.
5. Race tends to determine someone’s social class and how well they will do in life.
6. Saying the “N” word is okay.
7. Saying the “B” word is okay.
8. Racism no longer exists in the same way it once did.
9. Stereotypes are usually based on truth.
10. If you try hard enough, you can make someone love you.
11. At some point in long term relationships, sexual consent should be assumed.
12. If pushed far enough, anyone is capable of killing another human being.