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9th grade african life reconstruction

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Teacher Mary Norris
Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta Compromise Speech
What does Washington think of the idea of moving to a foreign land?
2. What type of workers does Washington think might be overlooked in the “great leap” to
3. Does Washington believe writing a poem is better, worse, or the same than learning to till a
4. Does Washington believe African Americans should start at the top of society or at the
What arguments does Washington give to white America in attempting to gain their trust?
6. The most famous section of this speech mentions being “separate as the fingers.”
you think Washington means by this statement?
What do
Does Washington stress rights in earning money or rights in spending money?
W.E.B. DuBois – Of Booker T. Washington & Others
1. What type of education does Dubois state that Washington is in favor of?
2. What do you think DuBois means when he calls Washington’s speech a “Atlanta Compromise?”
3. Does DuBois think Washington’s plan is the correct path for African Americans?
4. What specific criticisms does DuBois have with Washington’s plan?
5. What three injustices does DuBois bring up at the end his speech?
W.E.B. DuBois – The Talented Tenth
1. Who does DuBois believe will save his race?
2. What group does DuBois say have always “elevated the masses?”
3. What type of schooling does DuBois advocate?
4. Earlier, what two occupations were the only job openings for black college graduates?
5. Besides schools, what other important element does DuBois argue is critical to education?
Marcus Garvey – Belief that the race problem ……
Does Garvey believe that racial issues will work themselves out?
According to Garvey, why were the gains in sending African Americans to Congress a mistake?
3. What does Garvey believe about the chance of African Americans every having political power
in the United States?
What does Garvey call upon “Negroes…the world over” to do?
Excerpt from the Negro World
1. What association does Garvey mention that benefits people from Africa?
How did other African American leaders view Garvey’s plan?
What are some of the specific arguments against Garvey’s idea?
What is Garvey’s Dream for Africa?
5. What does Garvey expect Negroes in the United States to do?
Answer the following two questions in one sentence.
What does the 14th Amendment say?
What did the Supreme Court say in the Plessy v. Ferguson case?