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Farmers really appreciate the carbon nation

Farmers really appreciate the carbon nation, especially related
to the wind turbans. They like the idea that it saves money and
energy and it also benefits their farming land. It is in their
economic willingness. Climate change is a climate issue. It posts
threats all around the world. When the military goes green the
country will go greener. Less snow means less glaciers. If we
don’t have glaciers it can damage our climate. There are
different ways to prevent or slow down climate change. This
documentary shows several projects that can develop or
expand. It can also help society significantly reduce pollution. It
covers an impressively wide range of ground with in the film.
Buck hopscotches across America and beyond interviewing
such notables as Richard Branson, former CIA director. The
world’s largest wind farm, a refrigerator recycling plant and a
green initiative projects for low income neighborhoods. The last
time Americans united behind a single cause was during the
1940’s when we overhauled our national industry to fight
WWII. One of Carbon Nation’s virtues is its celebration of
Americans who are far from that tree-hugger stereotype and
working for carbon solutions. Cliff Etheridge is a farmer from
Roscoe, Texas, who once struggled to make a living on arid,
windy land. Wind-farming installations are providing Roscoe’s
farmers with steady income, while allowing them to continue
farming around the turbines. The enterprise will eventually
provide clean energy to more than 250,000 homes. While
carbon-conscious innovators are successfully expanding their
activities, the well hasn’t yet run dry for carbon producers, and
there are no direct financial disincentives to producing carbon.